Gel Blaster Safety

Whilst Gel Blaster toys can be harmless, it is important to take care when handling them. Despite the fact they are toys, it is best practice to treat them the same way you would treat a real firearm, to stay safe. Treat every blaster as if its loaded and ready to fire. Don’t assume every blaster is on safe, and okay to muck around with. 

We’ve seen people playfully pull triggers outside of games, showing off, etc. not realising that the blaster is actually ready to fire. The safety might be off, or faulty. There may still be a battery connected. A gel may still be sitting in the chamber. This is a recipe for eye injuries.

Do not ever brandish your blaster in public. There is no genuine reason to display your blaster in public. While you know it is a toy, the general public has no idea. Members of the public will call the police if they see anyone brandishing weapons. This is a completely reasonable response.
Don’t play in your front yard, in the street, or in public spaces. Play on dedicated fields (you can find a list on our weekly updates). If your backyard is visible to the public, don’t play there either.
Breaking this rule has massive consequences. You will face an armed police response, and you will face charges for weapons-related offences. If you’re intending on doing some back-yard blasting, use some common sense and think about the space outside of where you’re shooting. If you have targets on the back fence, what happens if you miss? Are you going to be hurling gels into your neighbour’s yard? Are there people nearby who are not involved, or are not wearing safety gear?

Are there animals nearby? As with the previous rule, accidentally blasting people is still your responsibility. If you don’t take it seriously, you may end up with firearms related charges. Always wear Australian standard eye protection. Gel blasters can launch gels at speeds of well over 300 feet per second (over 300kph).If a gel hits your naked eye at that speed, you may lose your eyesight. It is simply not worth the risk of permanent eye damage. For reference, the plastic goggles included in blaster boxes are cheap plastic and are not impact rated. Parents- consider the safety of your kids;

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